Experience the most personalized consultation and start properly caring for your skin!

You are unique, and so is your skin.

Solutions for everyone do not take into account your unique composition: the structure of the skin, its needs, your expectations, lifestyle, diet, hormones, and other factors affecting you and your skin.

Experience the most personalized consultation— the most precious time dedicated only to you and your skin. You will receive a plan for half a year.

Stage 1.

Professional skin diagnosis

We start with an analysis of your skin condition, skin’s needs, your expectations. Then we analyze currently used cosmetics and treatment history or previous skincare activities. We add to this knowledge analysis of the impact of your lifestyle, diet, hormones, and more factors affecting you and your skin.

During the consultation, Skin Expert not only looks at the surfaces of your skin but, like a good investigator/private detective, combines all elements to find out what disturbs the epidermal integrity. That’s what the SKIN S·E·N·S·E·I system is about. Then all information about your skin comes in in the individual process of creating effective and practical skincare solutions based on the SKIN S·E·N·S·E·I system.

Stage 2.

Your perfect skincare

The use of your personalized skincare according to Skin S·E·N·S·E·I® system, through which we strive to restore and maintain the epidermal integrity, which will reduce problems and allow us to prevent them in the future. At this stage, you will receive an explanation of the reasons for your current skin problems and mechanisms for their elimination and avoidance in the future.


Your own Skin NAVIGATOR

Shopping list

Names of the new cosmetics products for everyday use.

Skincare priorities for at least 6 months

A personalized care schedule that includes all the goals you want to achieve with your skin.

Skincare principles step by step

Detailed information step by step: how to apply cosmetics to achieve the best results.

Where will you meet with Skin Expert?

Due to the current situation, only online consultations are available.
We will talk via Skype or other video messenger.
Before consultation I will ask you for detailed photos of your face.