Agnieszka Zielińska
Author of Skin S·E·N·S·E·I® method
Skin Expert

Hi, my name is Aga. Ten years ago, I decided to change my life completely. I quit my job and became the first Skin Expert. I started teaching women how to achieve healthy, beautiful skin through a home skincare routine.

You may wonder how I’m different from other experts, beauticians, or dermatologists because they also treat skin and do skin care. I can show you this difference: I don’t treat your skin. I understand it. I feel it. With the help of my superpowers, scientific knowledge, empathy, and Skin S-E-N-S-E-I system, I look for the right active ingredients to make your skin function correctly. Like an excellent private detective, I search for answers and look for the causes of problems. I don’t start by caring for what we see on your skin. I begin by understanding what went wrong that you have such a problem on the surface of your skin.

Since 2020, the team of skin experts has been expanding. Kasia Roter and Aga Groza are already working with your skin, and Karolina Tarsa will soon start working with your skin stationary in Krakow.

I believe that every skin is unique

and should be treated as an individual one. Skincare tips or cosmetics reviews “good” for everybody will not help your skin. Thanks to my game-changing skincare system Skin S·E·N·S·E·I® (scientific evidenced navigation strengthening epidermal integrity) I look at your skin in a holistic way searching for causes of problems not only giving quick fix for a moment. My mission is to enable every woman around the world to have healthy skin and to use cosmetics which can do their job (unless you like to buy useless things ;)). That is why I created AZ skin science project – your skin science from A to Z.

Thousands of women in Poland have already stopped fighting with their skin and feel happy about it with a new skincare routine adjusted to your time and budget.

Now it’s your turn!!! I will share my knowledge and my unique skills with you so visit my YouTube channel to find out more about skincare from the skin point of view or check if the individual program is the right solution for your skin.

My education

• 2005 – Polsko-Francuskie Studia Zarządzania (french equivalent of MBA)
• 2006 – Vichy, La Roche Posay, Inneov / product training
• 2008 – SkinCeuticals / product & treatment training
• 2010 – Iwostin, Emolium / product training
• 2012 – Laboratorium Psychoedukacji oraz WSPiS: Studium Coachingu
• 2013 – ICAN Institute: Manager’s Academy (Akademia Managera)
• 2014 – dr Murad / product training
• 2014 – 2017 WSZKiPZ: Cosmetology in medicine
• 2015 – Skincode / product training
• 2016 – Intermed Clinical Ltd:  Aesthetic Laser & Intense Pulsed Light „Core of Knowledge” / course
• 2016 – Biotechnology: how are cosmetics made? / course
• 2016 – 2017 University of Lodz, Faculty of Chemistry: Safety and quality of cosmetics / postgraduate studies