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As a living organ, the skin has specific mechanisms that allow it to function correctly and perform dedicated functions. It is a complex organ with many mechanisms that mutually influence and intertwine.

Disruption of any of them causes problems on the skin in a domino effect. The only solution is a completely personalized approach and individually tailored care.

Why can’t you deal with your skin?

Intuitively, each of us tries to act to solve skin problems as best we can. Unfortunately, actions based on hunches or Internet knowledge often produce opposite results. Fighting focused on symptoms most often only aggravates them.

Most people who experience acne usually begin antibacterial actions to eliminate all the imperfections (pimples, nodules, etc.). They also add to their antibacterial skincare drying actions (to absorb excess sebum), remembering that excessive sebum production contributes to our problem. We think the problem will solve itself this way.

However, guiding the skin in such a skincare regime leads to disorders in other areas of the skin because we do not consider the effect of reducing sebum on the hydrolipid barrier. Still, we also do not consider other factors, such as hormones, that increase the amount of sebum. The whole thing results in a galimatias resembling a Gordian knot.

Our temporarily and punctually solving problems without intervening in the actual cause results in disrupted epidermal integrity. For us, it manifests as a disrupted hydrolipid barrier or damaged skin microbiome, which creates additional problems instead of solving them.

My ten years of experience, analysis of scientific materials, and skin reactions with various problems resulted in the creation of the proprietary Skin S-E-N-S-E-I® (Scientific Evidenced Navigation Strengthening Epidermal Integrity) skin care system. In the Skin S-E-N-S-E-I® system, the most important thing is to treat the skin as a system of interconnected vessels, each of which affects the other, and a disruption of one can cause a skin problem in another area.

With this approach, instead of masking the signs of damage to the integrity of the epidermis, we match the necessary active ingredients to the needs of the skin barrier for a comprehensive approach to solving skin problems.

Skin S·E·N·S·E·I®

We already know – we have scientific evidence – that a well-functioning skin barrier will restore the correct pH on its own and can alleviate or minimize a large proportion of skin problems such as acne, redness, seborrhea, and atopic dermatitis.

In the course of working with clients, looking for solutions to women’s everyday skin problems (dryness, tension, acne, redness, sensitivity, skin reactivity, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles), Agnieszka Zielinska discovered that daily home care is based on erroneous assumptions, which instead of helping the skin, further worsen its condition, making women using these solutions frustrated, doubtful, angry and making them look for more, theoretically better solutions and usually ending with another failure or short-lived success, after which the problem returns with more intensity. Such an approach to care, without proper knowledge of the functioning and needs of the skin, is doomed to failure in advance.

The Skin S-E-N-S-E-I® method developed by Agnieszka Zielinska conducts skin care (skin navigation), according to which we treat the skin comprehensively. According to this approach, all skin functions and physiological needs mutually affect each other and act as interconnected vessels. Therefore, every time we start diagnosing the skin, we look at the cause of the problems, and this, in most cases, begins with the lack of integrity of the epidermis and, above all, a disrupted hydrolipid barrier.

According to Skin S-E-N-S-E-I®, the hydrolipidic barrier is more than commonly understood as the hydrolipidic mantle, the outermost part of the stratum corneum, which, through any moisturization and lubrication, gives the effect of smooth skin that we can get by using most cosmetics available on the market. For many years, I have been fully aware and convinced that only looking at the epidermis holistically and taking into account all its needs in care gives the results we expect. The hydrolipid barrier in the Skin SENSEI system is the lipid part of the epidermis from the outer stratum corneum to the Reina barrier located in the granular layer. It is a natural wall of defense for our skin, which can have a tangible impact on and affect many epidermal processes. That’s why, in skin care, we pay attention to its integrity.

How can we help you?

Agnieszka Zielińska
Skin Ekspert
Author of Skin S·E·N·S·E·I® method

Ten years ago, I was one of the first people to discuss the importance of the hydrolipid barrier in overall skin care. I was the only one who recommended (and still do) rebuilding it to take further action. I am the only one who uses detailed knowledge of the hydrolipid barrier to create personalized care tailored to my client’s skin needs.

Within the Skin S-E-N-S-E-I® method, we look at the skin holistically, looking for the cause of problems and eliminating them one at a time, paying attention to the functioning of the skin, even when the problem seems obvious and the solution seems obvious. Usually, solving only the visible effects does not solve the causes, and the problem returns.

We all have the same ingredients and cosmetics available. With Skin S-E-N-S-E-I®, the uniqueness lies in choosing these elements at the right place and time.

With Skin S-E-N-S-E-I®, we can discuss the real impact of skincare on the integrity of the epidermal action and thus reduce or eliminate skin problems. 

Experience the most personalized skin care program and start taking proper care of your skin!